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Cyberrisks - a dramatic increase. Cyber insurance secures

Cyber threats are among the biggest risks of this century. The German IT Security Observatory BSI registered over 800 million malicious programs worldwide in 2018, WannaCry or NotPetya are well known but 390,000 new are attacking daily. As digitization and networking continue to increase, so does the variety of attack opportunities - 99% of cyber-attacks like spyware, sabotage, data theft being criminally organized. Every company is under constant attack and many do not realize it for a long time. Successful Ransomware- or DDoS-attacks block your business immediately and usually cause enormous damage. Use standards, encryption, network separation, clean backup systems and check your security protection. Decisive for companies is the successful prevention, defense and precaution in case of a cyber claim. Cyber insurance helps you in case of a claim, it covers e.g. data theft, business interruption, identity theft, cyber blackmail as well as costs for IT Forensiker or crisis communication.
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Brexit - 29. March 2019

Brexit: United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum

The unresolved Brexit raises concerns about clearing and licensing agreements for existing and future insurance businesses.
The GDV states the insurers fear: "that existing business connections suddenly become an "unauthorized insurance transaction" because the necessary regulatory licenses cannot be applied for and issued so quickly; and that the industry can no longer use UK clearing houses (CCPs) from April onwards."
To be on the safe side, the insurance industry has to transfer existing contracts from London to the Euro area, which is difficult because the necessary clearing houses have yet to be created. Lloyds for example is currently moving its European headquarters to Belgium, but many insurers have not yet implemented a final Europe solution.

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Generali insurance founds its new company Dialog

In the third quarter of 2019, Generali changes its brand appearance for the external brokerage business which is now Dialog. Dialog is realigning itself with the motto "Competence at eye level", especially in the areas of - biometrics plus composite.

Energy. Renewable Energy. Smarter E Europe. Meet us 2019

Meet us at the Smarter E Europe fair in Munich from 15. - 17. May 2019.

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D&O risks are constantly changing

Manager liability risks (D&O) are constantly changing according to new legislation or risks such as cybersecurity, social media or class action lawsuits. These hold high damage potential for Managers.

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News on commuting accident insurance

German ethics committees recommend to conclude a commuting accident insurance for test persons, which was previously only possible for Germany.
New: the commuting accident insurance can now also be concluded for multinational studies.

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Clinical trials in Armenia & Kazakhstan can now be insured

In addition to Georgia, clinical trials can now be insured also in Armenia and Kazakhstan according to local legislation.
We are constantly expanding our contacts with local insurers. This allows us to already insure clinical trials in over 170 countries.

Clinical trials - implants are among the highest risk class

Every year millions of different implants are surgically inserted into the human body worldwide, e.g. artificial hip or knee joints, pacemakers or breast implants, etc. Not all surgeries are without complications. Although implants require a medical device CE-certification or PMA approval (USA) and must be tested in clinical trials depending on their risk class, product defects lead to frequent pain and premature replacement of the implant. Claims for damages or product recalls in case of premature failure of the implants can quickly cost more than 100 million USD. Implants are a particularly high risk for product liability, especially for manufacturers of 510 (k) implants.

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Renewable Energy - Insurance offers financial added value

The COP 23 United Nations Climate Change Conference concluded measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively and permanently with the aim of limiting the effects of climate change worldwide. The techniques (Green-Technology) to achieve these common objectives in climate protection already exist, e.g. ecological agriculture, renewable energies (photovoltaic PV, wind and hydro, geothermal, biogas, hydrogen, fuel cell), afforestation of forests, environmentally friendly transport systems or energy-efficient construction.
Green Technology is a dynamic growth market, especially in Asia. Companies often have to offer warranty coverage for decades on their products, which entail enormous financial risks, require reserves and thus tie up capital.
Insure your warranty risks and benefit twice. You minimize your financial risk in the event of a claim and usually additionally improve your financing options, which in turn makes investors more attractive in the secondary and tertiary markets, e.g. for PV- or wind farms.

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Insurance coverage in over 170 countries

Through direct access to insurance companies and local partners, we can provide worldwide coverage in compliance with all legal standards.