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Insurance of technical risks and renewable energies
  • Machinery breakdown insurance | EAR
  • Marine Insurance
  • Contractors All Risk insurance | CAR
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Renewable Energy | Warranty insurance | Weather derivatives
  • Serial Loss Cover
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance D&O

Technical progress on- and offshore is associated with uncertainty, high damage potential and often decades of warranties. Unexpected claim events can occur at any time and result in negative financial consequences. Comprehensive insurance protection for your company usually leads to more favourable finance conditions. We are happy to support you in achieving this positive side effect.

For decades, we have insured a variety of technical risks on a facultative (individual risk) or on a treaty basis. In the area of non-life reinsurance, with focus on facultative technical risks as, machinery, refineries, LNG, oil platforms, desalination, processing industries, construction and civil engineering, buildings and warehouses, hull and cargo in the insurance classes natural hazards, property, machinery insurance, marine, business interruptions (BU). In the last few years an increasing number of inquiries from the insurance classes; warranties, serial loss or weather risks (derivatives) mainly for photovoltaic (PV), wind energy (on- / offshore), biomass, desalination or e-mobility were covered. The insurance of facultative technical as well as renewable energy risks is our strength.

For an insurance offer for technical risks or renewable energies, we need comprehensive technical and financial data for several years. These insurance solutions are individually tailored to your needs.

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